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🌏🌊🌏Intent for Harmony in the World🌊🌏🌊

🌏🌊🌏To those who are seeking more balance and harmony in the world,🌏🌊🌏

The below decree may be of help to manifest. Essentially what we are witnessing is an imbalance of flow of 5 elements in the planet. Fire is on rise manifesting as physical fire, emotional ego , rage and anger and spreading itself in air and water.
We need a strong intent to seek a balance back for Earth.

Those who can do it today and tomorrow it shall be wonderful.
Those who can continue till Mahashivratri it will be added support to earth.
Seek and you shall receive.

The decree is in bold below.
Have water and connect with earth or mud or breathe deep after you are done.

To the Divine Mother Of Everything
To Mother Earth 🌏
And to Mother Nature ,
We seek that
The balance & Flow in Water 🌊
Air Fire and Earth πŸ–
Akash as is needed ;
In Land Water Plants Trees πŸ•
Animals Insects Air and Birds πŸ‚πŸ¦πŸπŸ¦
And everything else
For consciousness to bloom
And rise and purify
For Mother Earth
For deeper harmony and Ease
On Earth
It now Balances and Flows🌊
Through the Divine Mother
Into everything
As per Divine will.
We seek her blessings now.
Thank you
So it is done
So it is done
So it is done.

You can also add ” Whatever has come up with this is surrendered to the Divine Mother of All now

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