🌹🌹🌹🌹Maybe, Forgiveness can be a point of Harmony We all Need🌹🌹🌹🌹

We never realise how the wounds of yesterday are playing out in today. How as a soul, as a collective or society or a group we are holding on to ” what was ” or ” what happened ” or the ” injustice we felt was done” in some era or year that keeps dictating our actions in the present.

In the present, if we really see, there may not be a reason to fight or recreate from same pain, yet our decisions, policies for self and others and actions and emotions are based on what was done to us.

I have been doing Earth Healing for a while now and one thing I have majorly observed is how lack of forgiveness in some time and space holds the wounds of yesterday in today. How we all individually and collectively are replaying same programs of pain and acting from them without even recognizing we are. That compulsive action to act from that wound is in a way ” karma“.

Each soul in some way is suffering the collective wound of lack of forgiveness. Honestly most of us don’t even know what is Forgiveness in essence. And how a space of Forgiveness can enable bridges of harmony in present that can easily heal the old and stop the cycle of old repeating in present and future.

Forgiveness essentially helps in ” Being the Space for Letting go of Old and that which is not needed ” .

When one is being the space, the old naturally leaves. Whether is is for an individual or for collective or for nation.

When that space of wound heals and closes, the need to act from it also closes.

We all seek healing at some level. We all seek relief in our souls. We all are suffering the collective and individual. We all are paining from something that happened years ago. We all are not trusting because those wounds are alive. We all are seeking love and relief.

We just don’t know how.

And the answer in present is FORGIVENESS. Forgiveness does not mean Justice shall not be Served. Every time When One OPENS TO FORGIVE , A COSMIC BALANCE IS OPENED FOR JUSTICE TO BE SERVED BETWEEN 2 PARTIES INVOLVED. Whatever is required to balance is balanced.

It is only by Being Forgiveness, One can Heal the Pain of Self and of Nations or Groups that divide and control.

It may seem Philosophocal, yet I have been working with it for years. And it works like wonders.

If you are interested in Being Forgiveness

Start by stating

Wherever however I need to be the Forgiveness needed in the now and future, I ask myself to be aligned to the path of Forgiveness through the Highest Force of Divine and allow what has to heal and close to heal. ”

State It daily.

I wish and pray as a collective we open to the force of forgiveness so that our future does not repeat the same mistakes from same wounds as yesterday.



If you would like to know more on how can you take this forward do comment below. It helps me to put the next post on same.

The Decree of Forgiveness

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