Mystical Poems, Soul Awakening

πŸ₯€βš˜πŸ₯€You may have chosen to be the River of Persistence, Darling πŸ₯€βš˜πŸ₯€

You may have chosen
To be the flow & River
Of Persistence darling
In ways
You never could
Experience it before

You may chosen to
Flow through Persistence
To know the depth
Of What degree of Persistence
Seeds buds and builds
Those unshakeable mountains


You may have chosen
To flow with Persistence darling
To be the flow
That transcends
Centuries and millenniums
And upkeeps its flow
Of its inner radiance
Throughout as well


You may have chosen
To become the Persistence darling
To anchor radiate and smell
The depth of journey
The soul emanates
By being persistent
And consistent
In its goal


You may have chosen
To be the light
The anchor
The flow
The embodiment
The radiance
The core
Within you so deep
That is as persistent
As persistence was made to be
By the Divine Creator


Know that
Your persistence
Is so deep
And is reaching its depths
In your every seeking
That it empties the cup
Of who you thought you were
And makes you so empty
To constantly radiate
And be
The persistence
Of the divine love
Trust and joy
In itself


Donot give up now
Donot give in
Just flow
Be the persistence
That as a soul
You can radiate
And be.


In that will emerge
The depth and beauty
Of lifetimes covered
And waits that felt
Eternally endless.


Stay blessed.
You are
The gem of


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