🌷❤Touched By Grace 🌷❤

The touch⚘ of Grace
The smell🌹of Grace
The feel🌹 of Grace
The healing🌹of Grace
The vision⚘of Grace
The ease🌼of Grace
The joy🌺of Grace
The path🌷 of Grace
The love❤ of Grace


Through Grace
We all manifest
And take forms
And journeys
Feeling separate
And yet
When Grace wants
And wishes
And there is
Alignment of divine
We merge
Back into the divine
Through the path
Of Grace itself


Grace created itself
To create us
Nurture us
Heal us
Embody us
Guide us
Be present with us
In every aspect
And dimension
In some we feel less
In some more


Yet in everything
Grace is always present
In seeking of Grace
We empty our cups ☕
What was filled before
Leaves us
To refill again
With touch
And hand of something new
Of Grace


So be it now
That your desire
To touch Grace
Be Grace
And be enabled by Grace
To be empty enough
To imbibe it in fullness
On your path ahead


Stay blessed
And healed
By the Divine touch
Of Grace itself.




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