Mystical Poems

~ When Your Partner is Divine, There is a Sweetness in Every Vine ~

When you make
Divine your partner
Your friend
Your confide
Your guiding force
In deepest form

When you open
Up to the divine
Into the depth
And nakedness
A vulnerability
You may have
Never experienced before

When you open
Up to the divine
Saying all that
Being all that
You may not look
Or admit to
Even yourself

When you open
Upto the divine
Singing the song
Allowing the divine
To be a part
Of your song

When you open
And invite the divine
To be a part
Of things as simple
As a cup of tea
And the porridge

When you open
And allow the divine
To play a key role
And manage the

Key notes and nodes
Of your life

When you open
And make the divine
The driver
The anchor
The deciding force
Of everything
That you are
Be do
Learn in life

When you open
Upto the divine
And ask for
The divine nurturance
The divine union
The divine guidance
The divine surrender
The divine beauty
The divine trust
The divine love
The divine hope
The divine oneness

Through all inside and
Outside you

When you surrender
And allow the divine
To lead the path
Layer by layer
Deeper than yesterday

You become the experience
That enables you
To understand
You are
A part of Grace
As much Grace
Is a part of your life
And through
GRACE and Grace alone
You enrich
Every moment

No matter
What the nature
Of landscape
Where you are
Who you meet
When Grace is in you
Working as you
When divine is your partner
Every tea is sweet
And the absence of tea
Is sweet as well

Such is the depth
Beauty & magnanimity
Of the depth of Grace
That enriches
Us all.

May you be blessed
With the desire and fulfillment
Of having Divine
As your partner
If you choose it to be.



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