Mystical Poems, Soul Awakening

🐬🦄🐬Unpeeling “You”🐬🦄🐬

🦄There are layers to knowing
🦄Who you are
Who you think
Believe unthink
Demolish establish
Connect disconnect reconnect
To who you really are

🦄You reach one layer
🦄After peeling or dropping
Or simply realizing
This is who you are
This Is what you want
And you start building
Your life
From there

🦄And yet again
🦄You may realise
Or recognise
What you know
Or realised
Was only
The top layer

🦄And then you awaken
🦄To the next layer
Of knowing
Within you
Of who you are
And what you can Be
And do
In this universe

🦄And yet again
🦄Based on your desire
To know the depth
Of who you are
May unveil
The next layer
And on so

🦄In the process
🦄You may recognize
Different versions
Of truth
That we call as
Inner truth

🦄For as you evolve
🦄The undestanding of truth
Of who you are
What you know
What you are capable
Of knowing and imbibing
Also evolves

🐬Some reach
🐬The topmost layer

Or some reach
Layers below

🐬Some peel
🦄Only few
Some peel
A lot more
Depending on the depth
Of the fire
Within you
Of knowing
Of who you are
You unpeel and unveil

🦄Such is the depth
🐬Of your life
Of you
That cannot be inscribed
In just one
Or two layers
Or realizations
Of you

🐬You, as you think
🐬You are
Are way more deep
Than what you recognise
As you
On the surface

🐬I hope and pray
🦄That you awaken
To the desire
And the path
Of recognizing
The depths of
Knowing you
If you choose it
To be🦄🐬

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