Mystical Poems

⚘♾Flowing from Present into the Future ðŸŒ¹â™¾

In the blankness of future
I lay upon
Opening my heart
To allow the Creator
To write
Whatever He wishes
As my soul plan
As my soul journey
And my soul purpose


In the emptiness of now
With no direction
Into the past or to future
I sat
Enjoying this very moment
Knowing very well
That each moment
Flows as per the divine
When I surrender
Into the divine
In fullness


Not knowing the future
At times
Has been the biggest gift
Of sorts
For I eventually realised


That the future
Is but
A constant reassembling
Of the choices
Of those
Who move as per divine will
And those
Who donot


Between those
Who do surrender
& Who do not
Is getting created
A future thoughtform
That manifests
As we see


My only job
Is to allow
The Creator & Divine
To Make me flow
With the highest will
Of the divine
In every way.


And deep flow
In the surrender
Is the theme


I pray and wish
If you choose
To be in alignment
With the bliss
Of divine
You find the path
And means
To be in tune
With it
With divine ease.


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