Soul Awakening

♾🌓Light or Dark ? Soul or animal or human ? 🌑🌕

I think the biggest learning I have had in life is to look at everyone and everything as a soul. Nothing less. Nothing more.

A soul takes a form, a body. It can be an animal, an insect , a plant , a human and so on.

A soul could have had many forms.

The soul even though is light , has patterns of light and dark. Shadow self and light self. Sometimes good. Sometimes bad. Sometimes cruel.

These patterns play out whether the soul is in plant , animal , human or any other body.

Patterns can be good or bad. Dangerous or simple. Supportive or debilitating.

Whether it is an animal , a human or an insect, it is the same soul with cyclical patterns playing out in different bodies.

Once upon a time, because of cultural beliefs and the social influence, I started looking at the fact that probably all animals or insects or plants or humans are good .

Eventually I realised each has a shadow. Took me more than 3 decades to understand this. Not all is light. Not all is dark.

Life is what is happening between light and dark.

Which side are you on ?

How do u see the world ?

In trying to see the good in everyone, I burnt a lot. It became a lot easier when I realised both exist in same. As part of same. Learning to deal harmoniously with both is life.

Approaches can be different. But one cannot negate its existence. Nor in human. Nor in animal , tree or anything.

Such is life ❤

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