Mystical Poems, Soul Awakening

Is the leaf🍀separate from Vine of Divine🌿


As I sat
With my cup of tea
In my own world
I suddenly realised

How what is me
That which is divine🌳
Feels separate from me
Many times🌱

In moments and days
The divine and I
Are one🌳🌳
When I speak to the divine
Like a little child 🤱
Or a maiden🧘‍♀️
I receive
The love care 💛
Nourishment and support
From that guidance
And inner voice

In that moment
The divine and I
Are not separate

And yet there are
Those shadowy nights
And moments
I feel
The divine🌳 and I🌱 Are separated
That the divine is
Doing something

Wrong to me
Or not giving me
What I desire
Or allowing me
To be in pain
On purpose


And in those moments
I shut down
To receive
The loving nurturance ⭐
The hope and light 🦋
Of divine
Within my heart
And core

The veils of disappointment
And lack of trust
The shadows of trust
Emerge in these moments
Trying to grab me
By the shoulders
Making me believe
There is something
Called divine
And something else
Called me
And we both
Are separate


In that separation
I cry , I fight
I close
And donot listen
To the guidance
Available to me


And after few hours
Or days
I realise
That all those moments
Are an opportunity
To surrender that
Grudge Resentment
Anger and bitterness
Or anxiety & fear
To the divine


Those moments
Are more like
My refining moments
Of trust
If I choose them to be


I realise
The choice I make
Creates what is needed
In those moments
Of being angry
Of being pitiful
Of being sorrowful
Of feeling the abundance of lack
Of being disappointed
Of not listening
Or receiving divine support ⭐
And allowing myself
To give in to them
And not trust the divine
Is what blocks
The presence of divine
The experience of presence of divine
The channel of connect
Between me and divine
And blocks
My inner voice


And now I realise
Its time
To serve the divine
And to strengthen my muscles
With every situation
Created by divine🦋⭐
To surrender deeper
Those hooks and traces
Of lack of trust
Lack of Oneness 🌈
The wedges of disappointment
Grudges & resentment
That block
The flow of divine
Into me


To hone myself
To listen
To differentiate
Between divine voice
And voice of ego
And other voices
Is the ultimate test
Of trust
Of union
With the divine


For in essence
Divine and I
Divine and you
Are one
All that differentiates
Divine and myself
The thread
Of lack of trust
Or the inability
To be willing
To be guided
By the divine voice


When I trust
I am one with divine
And when I complain
Or donot trust
I am separate
From the divine


Each day
Every moment
Is a moment
Of choice

To choose
Trust and surrender
To the divine
Or to choose
To be separate
From the divine


Is right or wrong
It all depends
What do I want
To nourish within me
And to be nourished by
In that is the essence
Of everything.


I pray and wish
That you experience
The Oneness with divine
In every single moment
With Grace
If you choose it
To be.

Into that
Stay blessed.


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