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What the Period from 25th March till April 4th holds for Earths Ascension

The period from Feb 2 to Equinox was the period of transition from Old Age to New Age. In Eastern transition, it is the movement from Kal Yuga to Dwapar Yuga.

The last 1.5 month was the window needed for the transition at different ends of light spectrum through different species and water + land bodies in different ways. This was also the time when those souls who carried the codes of transition and closure of yugas had chosen to exit the planet in certain way. Whatever is unfurling at this moment is the transition of Gaia from one yuga to another. From 5th to 7th dimension , the path is opening in physical and interconnected realities now.

The next phase from 25th to 4th of April is about anchoring the vibration of Feminine – the divine Feminine consciousness , the seeds of same and anchoring the balance needed for different spectrums of earth across. Many lightworkers , many who know they are one , and many who shall awaken themselves through the light of those who have awakened in next 9 days is critical for a certain anchoring of divine feminine energy into the earth spectrum both inside and on the topmost layers into the soil. Those who can connect with birds shall sing the song of birds to anchor these frequencies. Those with water through water. Those with sand through sand and those with trees, flowers , fruits and seeds through each of them. Crystal’s will play a huge role in this transition and so will the sound codes and rainbow codes downloaded. Certain souls carry a different blend of golden white and golden rainbow spectrums. They shall be encouraged and guided to anchor these frequencies in right spaces with Gaia as well.

The lightworkers are being guided and encouraged to hold space both collectively and individually for this transition each in their own way for the divine has many forms with each working in fullness in unison and harmony with each other.

The remnants of old aspects of masculine will still emerge sometimes in shades of grey as well in this period. It is best to keep surrendering and ask for the strongest shield of divine to be anchored in earth to shield and protect whatever is being downloaded for what is about to begin is far bigger than what has been envisaged.

The seeds of the Goddess awaken themselves in all those who have awaited and germinate themselves in this 12 days period ahead.

The period from 25th to 4th is also the period of Nav Durga festival in India where the Divine feminine energy is celebrated in fullest form with certain key feminine( Shakti) portals opening up during this time every year.

Anchor and rise. Donot give in to any illusion prevalent in these times.

There is what each of you awaited for since centuries and millenniums to come.

– Blessings , Maa Shakti.

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