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How to Handle the Space of Uncertainty with Clarity

When a very difficult situation arises, you may be losing the reference points to old and the new connection points may be yet developing.

You know that this is a space of transition, yet you may be feeling unsure, overwhelmed, and at times panicked or emotional as well. Sometimes unsettled and sometimes clear.

The idea of a future may still be developing in your mind or vision and you may be feeling certain bottlenecks.

In such times, first and foremost, it is imperative to find a way to be Focussed and Be able to listen and ask for what we desire. Spaces of transition are also spaces from where we manifest at times. Hence it is imperative to keep oneself integrated.

Below tips may help in such times

1. Ask the Universe or Purest part of Your divine self to Keep you integrated at Soul , Physical , Mental , Emotional and Astral level and in complete harmony with your higher self. Just state the intent regularly in a day as high as 3 to 5 times and its enough.

2. Ask for all insecurities emotions thoughts and collective fears to be lifted from your space for you to read into what you truly want and feel

3. Put your hands on your heart and try listening. Breathe deep as you place them and listen. Listening often helps and calms you down. The instant connection to your own heart that may have been lost in confusion starts establishing itself

4. Take baths. Go for walks. Take some time of to just connect with nature

5. Write. Rant it out. For few minutes. Either on a diary that is best or on notes of phone and delete them. This will ease you out.

6. Start asking for Clarity. Start manifesting same. Start asking for the space within from where you can see clearly.

7. Ask to be connected to your Higher Self daily and regularly with simple intent that

” I am now connected to my Higher self in every moment and am able to listen to what is needed ”

8. Ask for that which can help you find the right space and solution for what you are seeking. Ask your Higher Self and Purest part of divine for same.

9. If you are not a meditator, simply make space either after you wake up or before you sleep or in the day to lie down straight relaxing yourself and focusing on your breath and breathing deep while lying down upto 108 times. This can relax your body immensely.

Use this time to rebuild energy in body.

10. Ask for a Support system through your Higher self that can help you in holding through and gaining the clarity strength and guidance as well as resources to move forward.

11. Most importantly. Eat well. Stay hydrated. And Trust yourself.

12. Little ideas that emerge in your head, store them in a pocket diary. They may start taking form. Give expression to what you desire and start asking for paths for that to form.

No matter what happens, your intent and trust in yourself shall create the way forward.

Stay integrated. Stay focused. And whenever you feel tension in your body or thoughts moving faster, bring your attention to breath and on the connection to higher self.

Hope this helps you on your path ahead.

Stay beautiful.

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