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Forgiveness As a Bridge to Evolution of Soul – 1

To understand Forgiveness is to understand that cup of tea made with a lot of love , understanding, carefully brewed with every leaf going inside ; nurtured with nourishment, love, care and hope. You can only experience this tea by drinking it to recognize the depth the tea carries in itself. Similarly, the depth of Forgiveness has never been about the depth of wound or inflicted memory, but more about the depth of care and love one can have for oneself to eliminate and heal that which is wounded , broken or disseminated and has the potential to become whole in oneself with simple care and devotion to oneself.

To understand Forgiveness, one should be willing to look at the wound from a space of nurturing and care in which Forgiveness is the Core Space that heals. It does not fix things or situations , rather it creates ways for alignment of spaces within, in such a way that which is broken finds a way to be whole in itself with the space created; that which is unfinished, finishes itself ; that which is unhealed, heals itself and that which is never said or expressed to oneself , creates a way to express and dissolve. To understand this space is to understand the space from where the souls receive nurturing support for themselves , to grow themselves , to heal themselves , to not be contained by the agonies or events of past energetically in any space , but to open the space of trust and understanding that can enable a soul and subsequently consciousness as a whole to move forward in its soul journey. This is a deep space that opens when souls are ready for their sojourn into newer spaces of being and evolution.

Forgiveness in itself is like that bridge. A bridge that takes you to the steps of evolution unlike anything before. It opens you like a mirror and heals your wounds by simply enabling the space of dissolution of what needs dissolution and evolution of what needs evolution within you. There is a space needed for a human soul or any soul to be able to dissolve the deeper said or unsaid wounds one carries as a soul. These wounds can heal and dissolve when the bridges that help in dissolution of same are ready to be built. Forgiveness is one such beautiful bridge that covers a souls depth of journey very easily. By easy here, it means if the same depth had to be covered by the soul in several spaces and time at different points of journey, through forgiveness, one can easily cover it within few days or minutes at times depending on the depth and intensity of realization and willingness to let go.

To reap the benefits of forgiveness, one must use the power of intention first and foremost. The intention should state that one is ready to dissolve the older loops , contracts and structures of growth or stagnation or imbalances that are depleting the soul or simply keeping the Soul and Being in redundant patterns and stagnation. This intent should be strong enough to lead the soul towards that and those who can enable and effortlessly aid the soul in its work of forgiveness.

A soul first and foremost needs to understand that it can easily let go of anything it chooses to with the right support available through the power of seeking from the depth of divine or universe. To let go of an old memory, soul wound , heart wound or simply an area of irritation or imbalance that would have got created because of stuck patterns is the first step in evolution of soul journey. To understand this in depth, one should ask oneself , what does evolution mean to a soul or oneself? Does it mean , Freedom from dead and old or redundant or having more of everything else available. To some, evolution is seeking more and more and accumulating, to others it is shedding what is not needed on the journey way ahead to create space for more and more newer and enriching experiences. Depending on seeking of each soul, depth of Forgiveness can create the way.

To reach a space where letting go and dissolving old is fluid and effortless requires sustenance of practice and effort for some time. It requires the willingness to seek the enabling of tones of forgiveness within one’s soul and being to be able to attract that frequency that facilitates forgiveness much more easily in depth. It requires sustenance of seeking to dissolve the old and being liberated from same. To do same, there are many methods and tools. Tools that can help in easier dissolution of cords, patterns, memories and wounds that hold the wounds or imbalances in place.

Here are few tools for beginners who are setting out to taste and include the depth of forgiveness in their daily life or spiritual ascension.

1. Have a notebook and make list of all those you seek to close old chapters with.

You can also make a separate list of those events that are held in your memory box as painful or regretful or simply shameful or full of rage or anger or guilt and that you would like to have a path to dissolve and heal these wounds and stuck patterns from your consciousness

2. To start with, begin with writing or stating aloud ,

” I seek to have a space of forgiveness at a soul , consciousness and being space with X ( whoever it is ) in a way that dissolves old patterns , memories and pain or anything else between us through the space of harmony, ease and balance . Say this aloud for few days. ”

Don’t try to take all names or situations at one go. It may get overwhelming. Start with few – mostly one to three and then proceed in seeking.

3. Write a letter to your Infinite Higher Self describing what the person or situation did to you and how did you feel about it. How do you feel about it now. What is left unresolved and what would you like now. Seek guidance from your higher self on same. Ask what should you do and how should you resolve and dissolve the same.

This letter can be written thrice. Once written and then left for few days and then again written and then again. Everytime you write this, something will change in your understanding of same. And the truth will emerge.

These 3 activities can be done in single or spaced out in few days.

Depending on depth of wound or memory imprint , it can take days or weeks or upto months for a certain memory to dissolve completely for the soul to be ready to move forward.

This is a basic space of forgiveness that can be cultivated as a ritual of forgiveness in a day to transcend the limitations of past that hold us back.

There is much more depth to same that will emerge as this moves forward.

Let us know what you think of same. And how does same help you and your evolution.



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