Mystical Poems, Soul Awakening

~Roar is not always loud~

When everything falls apart
And few drops of rain are left

Falling down as tears;

When hope seems bleak
And faith has lost its rest

When the pillar that is trust
Is shattered and shaken
When the sorrow and grief
Have taken form of anger

When the very breath that sustains
Is loosing its breath
And the heart that prays
Is nothing but full of rage

When all that was
Has crumbled and broken
And all that is left
Is pieces and witness
To all the shatters

When all that was given
And what was taken
Has robbed you of everything

When it is your lowest
From that which now feels
Was your highest

Slow down
Like a heartbeat
Slow down
Allow the sorrow
To find its way ;
Allow the pain
To find its way ;
Allow the crevices
To find their way ;
To dissolve
To dissipate

Or simply
In ways
One day
One moment
At a time

Allow the breath
To find its way
To become

Allow the depth
Of that which you can be
While lying down
Under pieces of pain
And shattered hopes

Allow the soul
To find its way
Back into life
And connect itself
With everything
That makes life
Nurtures life
Sustains same

Rush not now
Tis not the time
To rush or put together

What has to leave
To leave
What has ended
To be accepted
What is ending
To end Allow the hope
To revive itself
In phases

Sometimes courage is
Allowing hope to revive
Allowing strength to emerge
In pieces
In days
As is needed.

You are not a machine
You are not a puppet
You are
A force of life
To be born again.

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