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~Human body or Human Being ~

You are a human, she said
A human body or human being
I wondered

What is a body ?
What is a being ?
What is a human ?
I wondered.

Everyone talked of
A Human being
Since childhood
But mostly
Acted like
Only a body
And mind.

A body is visible

With its outline
And it’s functions
I know how to feel it
I know what it does
I know what it eats
I know when it hurts
I know where it hurts
I can see what body does
I recognise myself
As a human body

How do I know
What a being does.

One day I dreamt,
Body is Do-ing
Being is Be-ing.
For the Body to Do
The Being has to Be
The being is a body
Of its own
Functioning itself
Through the human body
Dictating almost all
That happens as a body.

What I see
What I listen
What I respond to
What I respond as
What I assimilate
What I reject
What I emit
What I influence
What I am influenced by
What I create
What is created as me
What I receive
What I give
Who I love
What I love
What I dislike
Who I dislike Is all
A function of being
Emitting itself
As a body
Through my physical body

In the dream
I asked
How does one
Disinfect the being
I certainly know
How to do it for body
With all cleansers I can see.
Lovingly in beams,
I see and hear,
By connecting to my soul
By connecting to my heart
By connecting to my higher self
That is again
A purer invisible me.
And by surrendering
All that I don’t need
Or that which pollutes my being
To my higher self and soul

I said
It is easy
To connect
To the disinfectant and soap outside
How do I connect
To my soul and higher self

I heard the voice
Voice and Thought.
Command everyday
To be connected
To your Infinite Higher Self
And Soul
As a being, as a body
In every moment of yours

Surrender your everyday
To your higher self
That anchors your soul, being and body
To wholeness

Simply repeat
Or emit the thought
To be connected
And cleansed
By your infinite higher self
In your body
In your heart
In your being
In your soul
As one and whole.

So did the dream end
And I was up again
Brimming with knowing
I am a human soul
A human being
And a human body
All in one
Terrific package
A human is
Isn’t it.

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