Mystical Poems, Soul Awakening, Soul Evolution

~ Truth that heals ~

There are wounds in the heart so deep
The soul holds space
For the bodies to heal
Pain and sorrow come and go
Beneath the same are truths to unveil

I breathe a sigh and wait every night
To heal in depth and wake up to fresh sunrise
And yet in everyday there is a depth unveiled
Of wounds and pain yet to heal

Layer by layer, a lot has shed
A lot that was unsaid and simply clad
In layers of illusion as was said
And yet the sorrow & loss is so deep
It takes its own time to heal

The movements are weakened
The vision is dizzy
The breath fumbles
The tears are untimely
And yet there is the depth of truth
That keeps the soul in body alive
Burning the depth of truth so bright
Keeping the thread of life alive

Oneness and duality are illusion both
Love and hate are sides of same coin
What manifests when as which soul
In ones life
Is never decided by soul alone

And yet here and there
Is remembrance of truth
That beneath everything that manifests
Is eternal truth
The truth of soul and its purpose
The truth of life and its genesis

There may be wounds that bleed alike
And yet there is a silver lining of depth
That is covered in this time
Lying on the bed
With truth as the soul
Burning away everything
That was cast and said as falsehood

Beyond good and bad
Beyond right and wrong
Beyond spiritual and physical
And in it all
Is the truth playing out
As untruth
As illusion
As maya
Only to discover
The depth of truth of life.

And such is the course
Of a wounded heart and soul
That finds its source
And solace in truth
Layer by layer.

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