Clarity of Purpose, Soul Awakening, Soul Evolution

The Frames of Understanding Self

Everything you read or listen to and relate to in a particular way is subjected to the particular frame of understanding you have adopted along the way.

A frame is nothing but the set of understanding one adopts about something basis what is experienced/ read / written/ understood / passed on genetically or as a society and the space that one chooses to function from.

To realise the truth is to be able to drop the frame and see it from different frames till you see it as a wholesome frame. Realisation of truth ( that which is the real enlightenment and not some experience ) is about discovering and holding that space within to see the wholesome frame.

It is also to know when someone else is acting from a frame and whether or not they are ready to move to the next frame.

It applies to everything in existence. Somehow the world of spirituality makes it only about concepts of ego, mind, body ,guru and so on.

The foremost thing to ask yourself is are you ready to dissolve the frame of understanding of something you have adopted.

And then what can really help you in discovering a newer and deeper frame that aids your progression of soul as life and life as soul – though both in a body.

Essentially, one has to the understand that a soul, being and body are also frames to understand/witness the eternal frame of existence as Is.

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