Mystical Poems, Soul Evolution

~ Star to Stardust ~

Yesterday, it was a star 🌟
Sparkling in glory
Today, it is stardust ⭐
Collapsing in its very death
Seeing its sparkle
Dwindle away

To the star ⭐
It seems like the end
The pain and star
Seem inseparable

In its very ending

To the fellow stars 🌟🌟
Planets and comets πŸͺβ˜€οΈ
They witness the star
Fading away
A reminder as remembrance
To their own mortality
It is then, it hits them
Their own evident mortality


Some stars wish to help
To somehow prevent
This death and destruction
Such is their anguish
Of seeing a loved one
Sparkle away
Into that which will
Become a stardust


The star sheds itself
As the being , body and sparkle
Transforming pie by pie
In wholeness
Into stardust


In its burning πŸ”₯
And destruction
What echoes within 🐚
What is seen
Are those many aspects
Of its own self
That were always present
Yet were invisible
To itself.


Not in the way
One sees it to be
Sometimes, a lot is visible
Yet unseen
For the boundaries within
That exist
Between what one chooses to see
And what ones does not.


Suddenly, in this burning of self
Layer by layer
Where all those who were there
For the sparkling light
Have withdrawn themselves;
The star sees all of itself
The boundaries within star crumble
For the star to witness
What the star really is & was


To the star ⭐
It was always
This or that
Today in this death
It sees itself
As in between
This and that
Around and within
In wholeness πŸŒ€
This and that
And that which is noneπŸŒ€


As the star sees itself
Remembers in wholeness ,
All that is self
Caused by self
Caused to self
Caused around self ;

There are moments of
Glory and pain aplenty
Of sorrow and regret
Of joy and hopelessness


It realises
All that was & could have been
Churning and burning within
While it was busy
Sparkling for self and others.


As the sparkle is gone
The layers within burning
The star sees the glory of sparkle
And the pain of rejection & betrayal
And, thus slowly
It finds its completion
In its star journey


The star feels lucky in ways
To be able to find its closure
In its journey as a star
To be able to witness
All of itself in wholeness


Now its slowly rests
Within the star body
Burning meekly
Waiting for cosmos to turn
And allow the star
Into its next sojourn


Until then
The star is resting
Waiting in peace
Knowing very well
That between
Birth, Growth, Depletion, Death
Between joy and anguish
Between sparkle and dimness
Is a story untold
That stays in soul
As soul forever.


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