Mystical Poems

~ The River of Love Becomes Whole ~

The river of love
Is not always full
It goes in circles
From being full
To being empty
Or simply dry
The river of love
That flows from the heart
And soul at times
Simply manifests
As care and nurturance
Or a delightful presence
For self and others
Through relationships
Or simply a chance encounter
The river of love
That Flows through the heart
Sometimes becomes dry
When the heart becomes heavy
And saddened with loss
Or simply brokenness
That penetrates
The fabrics of heart
In its dry spells
The river remains a memory
In the heart and soul
Waiting to be awakened
In its very core
To be able to flow again
Through an impulse
Of Hope, Strength and Courage
Or simply Love
From something else
It takes a while sometimes
For the river to be alivened
To flow and giggle
And rejoice in its laughter
With its surreal presence
Soothing everyone
It takes a while sometimes
For the hearts
To muster the courage
Or be touched by someone
Or something so deep
To desire to awaken
The river of love
In oneself again
Or to even recognise
That the river has not vanished
It is simply dry
Waiting to be awakened
By the thunder of love
A nudge of sorts
In any form or way
The heart that is broken
Or heavy with heaviness
Or grief and pain
Or simply closed
To any outside flow of love
Slowly chooses
To learn
To shed the grief
Layer by layer


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