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~ The Keys of Trust ~

In unexpected ways
Unseen, unheard
Is lost
The strength of trust
The depth of trust
The core of trust
The flow of trust
The ability to trust
The bridge of trust
Or others
Or simply life
Or our capacity to love
Or another one
Or a relationship
Or success
Or our abilities
Or something else.

In the depth of moments
That leave the wounds
Deeply etched
The depth of trust
That seemed so natural to us
Or was built over
Many moments
Or was an inherent part of us
Is simply gone
Or dimmed
Under the depth of
What transpired

We forget
Or are afraid
To love or be loved
To heal or be healed
To touch or be touched
To open or be opened
To aspire or be aspired for
To trust or be trusted
By life or someone life sends
To be able to trust

In many ways
By the brokenness
Etched in those moments
Or days and nights
Of broken trust
We are deeply surrounded
And that becomes the lens
The filter of pain
Through which
We begin to receive
And give ourselves
Into the vastness of
Many worlds

How should
We trust again?
We often wonder.

What should
We trust hereon?
We often wonder.

Why should
We trust again?
We often wonder.

Did we not
Bring ourself
So much pain
Last many times?
We often wonder.

What if
Life rejects
Or disappoints
Or deceives us again?
In form of someone
Or simply rejection.
We often wonder

What do we trust?
How do we trust ?

In trust
We assemble
In lack of it
We sort of

In trust
We build
Or are built
In lack of it
Simply shattered
Or lack strength
That gives agility

Trust is the way
The path
The journey
The track to rail
Of life
In every way
So how do we reassemble
Or reconcile
With the track
To the rail
Of life again?

It is as simple
As asking for it
Or choosing it
To build the dam
Of trust again

It is allowing life
To simply build
That depth of trust
In us again

It is about
Venting out
To ourselves
What is
The depth of mistrust
We behold
Or what led to it

It is seeking
From our very inside
That depth of trust
To emerge
Layer by layer
Day by day
Manifesting again
As trust in life
Holding us
Cushioning us
Strong and sturdy
In its form

It is about
Asking life
And ourselves
To show the Truth
Of Trust
And what can be trusted
And to allow life
And our soul
To build that bridge
Of trust with us
For us

It is about
The depth of pain
Or memories
Of brokenness
Or the bridge of broken trust
To our higher self

It is the desire
That emanates
Of feeling
Whole and complete
With our own selves
Again in depth
Knowing very well
It may take some time
To rebuild itself
In newer ways

Hearts are fragile
So is Trust
And yet
The hearts that heal
In their own fragility
The trust that builds
From the depth of fragility
Into a rock
Are the mountains
That last

The storms that destroy
The peril that follows
May not be always
Be in our hands
The pain that follows
Or the depth of brokenness
May not always
Be in our hands
To be able to open
Up to life or seek same
At a pace we can
And to trust something
Or believe
Is a choice
We can always have

What is ours
Is always ours
To seek
Trust is ours
So is love

Love is also about
Seeking to trust
Oneself and life
More and more
And allow that seeking
To manifest
In depth

What we seek
How deeply we seek
Opens the way
For us to be liberated
Of what
We don’t seek
Or don’t require.

Is the key


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