Why is a Closure Important in the Process of Forgiving Someone to feel Whole

Is forgiveness really about “letting go” or “dropping the issue” or is it really about getting the closure?

Most of us seek closures, innumerous closures – knowingly and unknowingly. What closure feels like or looks like can be different for different souls or people. I mention souls here because sometimes we seek closures with animals or something else too. Closures can also be different for each soul with different people.

Essentially, a point of closure is about reaching a point of wholeness or full circle with respect to a person or situation within ourselves.

True Forgiveness and Closures are intricately connected and one cannot be really reached without the other.

In the space and journey of true forgiveness, there is a deeper understanding of pattern or structure at play between all those involved. There is sufficient space and time given to allow the denser thoughts and emotions to emerge, find their expression and then leave the person’s space.

There is also a deeper desire to heal and to discover the truth or the essence of what conspired vis-a-vis the sugar coated or moral version of events.

There is a journey of understanding of Self vis-a-vis others at play and what is really needed to be seen, said, heard and closed in that space for the balance to happen, oneself to heal and closure to take place.

This part in itself mentioned above can take weeks, months or years sometimes, depending on the intricacies and depth of events and relationship with those specific events or souls at play.

Yet, deeper moments in our life where either we felt rejected, bullied, unaccepted, lost, hurt, betrayed or we were the “doers” of same for someone else are the essentially the moments where we get stuck in a loop in known and unknown ways. Some of these events keep repeating in our memories or become influencers of fear or limbo in our decision making in life or even the stagnators in our choices of hope, trust, joy, love and so on.

True forgiveness is also a courageous choice at times for it requires acceptance of pain, expression of pain, hurt or memories involved and the patience required to allow each to find its own space and time to express to reach a point of closure. It also requires acceptance of truth including acceptance of ones and other peoples choices and mistakes. It requires shedding of shame, guilt, attachment to someone or something, bondages of any sort to anyone or any point of view that may be blocking the vision to see the true point of closure.

Very importantly, it requires the ability to persevere and seek the truth of that event and what is needed for the wholeness and closure – the truth that helps you in feeling whole within; and this is a journey in itself.

When something keeps coming up in your life that triggers you or you stop living or making choices that you would really wish to because of certain past events, the most important question to ask yourself is,

Have you got the closure and understanding that you need as a soul ? Is the repetition of those memories and attached burning sensation or trigger a sign from somewhere within you to seek closure with that soul or person and events ? “


Have you really expressed a desire or set the intention from deep within to seek closure with respect to so and feel whole in so and so area of your life?”


“Has that intention been strong and consistent enough for you to receive what you seek or set the spiral of wholeness in motion? “

Your intentions or desires become stronger when you write them or seek them consistently, express them and seek clarity on the path to same.

When you seek wholeness and closure from that was, you feel whole as Is.

We cannot undo the events or relationships that leave us broken, fragmented, burnt or full of hurt and voids. Yet, we can always seek a path or journey that leads to closure of these events in a way that makes us whole.

Sometimes, the journey from a “HOLE” to “WHOLE” can be a beautiful and enriching experience for a soul. Perhaps, that is what True forgiveness is all about. Closures that leave you feeling whole and complete in some aspect of your life.

Start today. Use below intention in your own way if you feel like it.

I now seek the path of True Forgiveness and closure that makes me whole with respect to _____ ( person or soul) and ____ (event if you feel like it ) through my Infinite Highest Self. All that is needed from within and around to reach the point of true closure, equilibrium and balance with respect to this happens through my Infinite Highest Self. The strength, clarity, perseverance, patience, love, compassion, focus and the space within me to seek, see and be able to accept same. I ask all of it to happen in a way that is easy on me and strengthens me on a day to day basis. Thank you. So it is done. So it is done. So it is done.

I hope that you find your own journey to closures in a way you seek it.

Love, Anushree

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