Mystical Poems

When the world is feeling… All of same… can you be something… Else when sane…

When the world is feeling
All of fear
When you are feeling
All the fear
When the insecurity runs high
Uncertainty is the only visible line
When all are fearing
Something or the other
Some death, some loss
Some job, some food
Some if the stove will be on tonight
Or in the coming nights
Or after that
When some are fearing
The disease they have caught
And others are afraid
To be caught by same
When the collective heart
And your own
If afraid to trust
When the pandemic strikes
Emotions run high
What connects now and tomorrow
What connects fear and trust
What connects one heart to another
Is the hope that sustains
Is the love and empathy
That maybe someone else too
Has a lot on their mind
Invisible on the outside
Yet beating in their every heartbeat inside
That fear maybe the reason at times
They aint doing what they should
Or being who they can
If they dont realise
Maybe you can
Whoever has space in their heart in the moment
To feel that hope and empathy
For someone else not being right
Or being in pain
Or the source of what must not be named
As and when they feel
They open that one tiny gateway
In the collective heart
And collective mind
Of hope, strength and solidarity alive
Loss is same for all
For some it is life, for some livelihood
Pain is same for all, for some of fear
For some of death
What is a constant and can be at times
Is an ounce of strength
Of love, empathy and compassion
Towards all those we see and meet
Either virtually or physically
Or at a distance
Or just on our screens
A drop of hope may not change the whole ocean
But a drop may hold the ocean
From forgetting itself of what it beholds.

Maybe if you can
When you remember
Be that drop of hope and empathy
For someone.

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