An Unsaid Hero In Everyone

Few souls were at the death bed together side by side in a room. They had passed weeks together in the hospital and in an unsaid way developed a bond or understanding of each other. Sort of they could speak without really speaking.

As the days passed, they could see their connection with outer world fading and a deeper connection with their inner world emerging.

Unknown to each other, each had a regret, a regret of not being recognised enough or in some way being heroic. It wasnt as precise as this in words, yet a deep feeling of disappointment with life, engulfed them and the room like a wave for days.

One night, as the storm stuck outside, and it was drizzling, each in their semi awake state were together sitting out of their bodies, yet within their bodies. A beautiful light engulfed them in the silence within the storm.

A wave emerged from each as if telling them or reminding them, if one of them had not gardened the soil enough, for most of those days when he worked , when many felt trapped and unheard or simply sat in their homes, and looked outside for some peace, without really telling anyone, and had that moment of peace within them, because of the garden and beauty of flowers around them. In many ways, the gardener was the unsaid hero for all those moments of all those people bringing them relief, without really saying it.

Another one felt, that if he had not cooked for his wife and children, when the days were lost and the wife was only earning member, the children and wife would have simply felt lost and unsatiated. The nourishment the children and wife received and the way he held the house, with his simple innovations to keep cost low kept them going for years. The way he nurtured the home and simply made himself available to each of his children & wife and allowed them the space was what they needed the most. In many ways, an unsung hero he was to them for holding the house together when ends could not be met in any other way.

Another one saw, how he prayed every night for all those he saw wounded or simply in need. How he could not move much with his legs, but through his window, on his phone, on the tv, in the conversations and in his thoughts, whoever came, he simply prayed not to anyone, but just a blessing from his heart for their well being. He imagined them happy even in his pain and in many invisible ways stood for them as a blessing. Sometimes, he saw something changing somewhere. Yet, all of it in silence within him. Noone knew for he was disabled to everyone. In many ways, he was an unsung hero to many countless, who never knew or spoke of his greatness.

Another one saw, while he did his day job and felt menial about it, so many used what he developed and sold as a UI interface to interact with their loved ones far away on phones and were able to connect even in this pain. In many ways, he was the unsaid hero for linking something on the device and making it easy for many to simply connect with those they love.

None of them said this to each other, they simply felt this wave within and with that wave, the remorse and the disappointment of not being a hero enough or being recognised was gone.

All they saw in that room was a bright light that engulfed them in love and they simply parted with their physical bodies.

With the knowing and leaving traces of wave for whoever came into that room, that there is an Unsung hero in everyone.

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