Soul Journey through a Favorite Dish

There was a Vegan resturant called ” Carrots” where I went once in a while or in rare cases ordered from it. I was not so much a fan of the interiors of Carrots but there were certain dishes to die for. One of my favorite dishes in Carrots was ” Mashed Potato Pie”, image below. It was lip smacking, with the ability to turn the worst mood into a soothing one. It was such a favorite for me, that once I went to the extent of getting it Uber’d in the days Dunzo was not so available. ( Dunzo is a pickup and drop service in India).

I did not eat this dish for almost two years and yet the memory of the dish was strong. By the time I came to Bangalore, Carrots had closed.

Yet, the yearning to eat the dish did not go away. I then tried recreating the dish and I could never go near it. The juiciness, the balance of flavors, the layering and so on.
Then, I decided to connect with the owner to learn the recipe.

And yet, in that very moment, when I connected to her, I had an epiphany.

What I am trying to learn is the entire soul journey of a soul or many souls who put that effort in that one dish. That dish was a translation of many moments of discoveries and failures and the journey they would have taken to reach that perfection. That dish was also a reflection of who they were as a soul, and the vibration they offered and the love they put in and received.

Could I really, recreate any of that ? And is that necessary ?

What if, both the dish and Carrots remained a memory with the respect for the depth behind it.

Wouldnt that be better?

Sometimes, no matter how much we try, we cannot replace some things. It is alright to allow them to be a memory. After all, isn’t life a bundle of memories. Some soothing, some burning.

Until then, a hunt for something so beautiful begins.

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