About Anushree

Hi, I am Anushree and Brahmaville is a space founded by me to bring more of Joy of Divine Creation in the world.

I am a Earth Healer, A Mystic, Soul Purpose Reader, A Lightworker and a Spiritual Coach.

As a Lightworker and Earth healer, my core focus and purpose of life is to anchor the balance for Mother Earth in higher dimensional states of being + bring awareness and connect with people and kids about different aspects of Mother Earth that are an inherent building block for each of us. This involves working for longer durations in meditations to anchor the balance for Mother Earth for days and hours altogether.

As a Healer and Coach, I help people empower themselves by identifying and recognizing the core patterns that build them and influence their thinking, behavior and outcomes using the Divine Guidance and how can they best align to the inherent source of Divine power within them.

As a Soul Purpose Reader, I help people align to their core reason of why they as a Soul choose to be born on this planet. A soul is much more than just a physical form. Using the divine guidance , I help them reconnect to the depth of their own soul potential and how can they live a life that is more in tune with their higher life purpose.

I also conduct regular programs via online channels to Pray for Earth and bring balance as needed.