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You cannot grow a seed not ready to be ripened

Sahiba sat wondering, with grief in her eyes, why is it that whatever she is trying, neither the seeds, nor the people she wants, are growing. The seeds of the plant she sows die soon after they are sapling. The people she invests in, fall off after some time. These two seem interrelated to her… Continue reading You cannot grow a seed not ready to be ripened

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Forgiveness As a Bridge to Evolution of Soul – 1

To understand Forgiveness is to understand that cup of tea made with a lot of love , understanding, carefully brewed with every leaf going inside ; nurtured with nourishment, love, care and hope. You can only experience this tea

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How to Handle the Space of Uncertainty with Clarity

When a very difficult situation arises, you may be losing the reference points to old and the new connection points may be yet developing.
You know that this is a space of transition, yet you may be feeling unsure, overwhelmed, and at times panicked or emotional as well. Sometimes unsettled and sometimes clear.

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Is the leaf­čŹÇseparate from Vine of Divine­čî┐

With my cup of tea
In my own world
I suddenly realised
How what is me
That which is divine
Feels separate from me
Many times