Soul Journey through a Favorite Dish

There was a Vegan resturant called " Carrots" where I went once in a while or in rare cases ordered from it. I was not so much a fan of the interiors of Carrots but there were certain dishes to die for. One of my favorite dishes in Carrots was " Mashed Potato Pie", image… Continue reading Soul Journey through a Favorite Dish


An Unsaid Hero In Everyone

Few souls were at the death bed together side by side in a room. They had passed weeks together in the hospital and in an unsaid way developed a bond or understanding of each other. Sort of they could speak without really speaking. As the days passed, they could see their connection with outer world… Continue reading An Unsaid Hero In Everyone

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You cannot grow a seed not ready to be ripened

Sahiba sat wondering, with grief in her eyes, why is it that whatever she is trying, neither the seeds, nor the people she wants, are growing. The seeds of the plant she sows die soon after they are sapling. The people she invests in, fall off after some time. These two seem interrelated to her… Continue reading You cannot grow a seed not ready to be ripened