Soul Poetry

Poetry is often written in moments of deep awareness of one’s heart or soul. These moments are special and also deep for they often open the window of communication between the soul, being and body for that which may not be expressed, through anything else.

Poetry gives sometimes, a voice to the heart, a connect to the soul, or a gateway of opening of sorts to something deep within.

Poetry is an art; an art that is an expression of life.

There are many truths that may never flow as anything else, but find their depth in the rhythm of poetry.

At different points, different forms or parts of poetry resonate with different souls. The soul as it moves forward on its own journey in life, sometimes looks for outer nudges or inspiration to communicate with its own self in the human body. Poetry is one of that beautiful bridge to self; a tool of sorts given by language to speak to self.

It is that which I truly believe in nurturing for self. At times, it is indeed the words and rhythm of many other souls, which have given the direction or a window to my own soul at different times in life.

To be able to share some of those pieces that I write once in a while, as life nudges me to flow, is what I have compiled under this section.

Hope you enjoy them. If you feel like, do share how it resonates with your soul.

~ The River of Love Becomes Whole ~

~ Star to Stardust ~

~Roar is not Always Loud~

Human Body or Human Being

Is the Leaf Separate from the Vine of Divine