The next 2 weeks from February 18th to 4th March are very important spaces of Manifestation. While you can manifest anytime of the year, during this time the Light from galactic core in the Universe flows directly to the planet thereby giving a natural uplift to anything projected. Most people think of Manifestation as a window to ask for something very physical and stick to it. Like a car or house or promotion or marriage or kid.

Is Eating Changing the Way You Feel ?

It never stuck me that I really don't require so much food. That food is just an element to create a certain energy and flow in the body. For me, basis the advertisements and everything, having food was a sign of some recreation. Even the quality or content of home made food was not so conducive but I carried on. I could not handle stress in office so I would divert my attention to food to compensate for the density in office.

How I explored the Feminine as I left my Corporate Career

Being in Corporate for long made me a woman who was constantly looking at being accepted for herself amongst a set of men & women who had a completely economical construct and way of looking at life, business & relationships. A completely logical and comparative structure of life where ones success was dependant on ones… Continue reading How I explored the Feminine as I left my Corporate Career

Balancing the art of expression 

I consciously choose what I create ... This is an extract from the recent realisation that I went through as my throat was falling apart with cold and cough. On one hand it was purification, on second thoughts, I was trying to really contemplate as to what is creating the choked feeling and discomfort esp… Continue reading Balancing the art of expression┬á

Awareness or Reaction in Times of Need

Someone calls you, they say, someone is unwell, and its a drastic situation and its bad. What is your first reaction. Panic, worry, fear or the immediate need to jump in action basis the impulse of the moment. To feel like them, to feel sorry about them or just associate millions of your life moments… Continue reading Awareness or Reaction in Times of Need

The Decree to Universe 

Hi Peeps Here's a decree you can make to the Universe if it feels light to choose, to transcend existing patterns. You may want to repeat it minimum thrice or more to get it through.  The energy of this Full Moon is very potent to dissolve existing patterns and limitations that don't work for us. … Continue reading The Decree to Universe┬á

Is recycling Middle Class or call of the hour?

Image source : Huffington post There is something that has been popping in my world a lot off lately. It's the whole concept of mindless use and abuse of many little things which in turn are depleting the environment.  One of the things which I have been observing a lot is the use of Paper… Continue reading Is recycling Middle Class or call of the hour?