Was it Just a Flower or a Tree

A flower is ever alive In it's own kind In a way It reminds me Of Saint Dadhichi The effervescence of his sacrifice Reverberates through every pore Of this universe In some way His sacrifice Is a part of each of us In many ways

Ask for Gratitude

Asking for the energy of gratitude eases out the body instantly. It is not a quick fix. It is more like there are millions vortexes of subconscious thoughts opened in our field from different spaces constantly making us feel less or stressed without even realising it. Subconsciously, sometimes we are under fear or pressure of… Continue reading Ask for Gratitude

The Potency and Magic of Being you 

#beingyou #dolphins #acknowledgingyou #newspace Image Source : Unknown from internet Yesterday, I wrapped up our first ever Dolphin Healing Transmission class and it was amazing. Just like each class, it opened up something in my Universe too. One of the things that was very up in my Universe was the fact that people coming and… Continue reading The Potency and Magic of Being you