Empaths feeling the pain of Australia may be Transmuters

There are many souls at this point who are feeling the pain of Australia or other countries and the souls and earth out there in their physical , mental and emotional body. It is true that if you are one of them


Trust and Love- What makes the Creation Itself

Look at this way, at every stage of soul journey which eventually translates into different lives and experiences , a soul experiences and creates those experiences of trust and love in different forms. May be it choses a physical relationship of different roles like mother or father who is also a daughter and son who is also a sibling and friend who is also a worker and who is also ones own best friend and also inherently a Soul on its own journey kayaking with others it chooses along . All of these dynamics lead to realisation of these virtues at the Core.


I am Free Now.

As I step into this path of Being Me Me that doesnt even exist Me that is a part of everything Everyone and noone I realise Can I really contain my intensity for anything Or anyone or In Just One Role or Relationship


Heartbreaks and Loss – My perspective

#love #movingon I meet a lot of women clients and people I know personally who have been or are going through some form of heartbreak, relationship loss or lost love.  And, being there at some point in my life, it just felt right to write about how I feel about it all.  In a society,… Continue reading Heartbreaks and Loss – My perspective


Waste? Am I attached to it? 

#eurekamoment I suddenly had a lot of garbage surrounding my house. One in front of my house and one in side of my house.  Then, I noticed, my toilet flush started giving in problems. It did not look normal to me. And electricity went off.  Esp for me,   I look at everything as a… Continue reading Waste? Am I attached to it? 


Awareness or Reaction in Times of Need

Someone calls you, they say, someone is unwell, and its a drastic situation and its bad. What is your first reaction. Panic, worry, fear or the immediate need to jump in action basis the impulse of the moment. To feel like them, to feel sorry about them or just associate millions of your life moments… Continue reading Awareness or Reaction in Times of Need


Crystal Grids – What space do they create

I have been thinking of writing this post for long, and then a beautiful space opened up this morning and it was really light to share it. I have been working with Crystal grids for over two years now. And the commitment I have experienced to tap into that energy every day is surprising to… Continue reading Crystal Grids – What space do they create