An Unsaid Hero In Everyone

Few souls were at the death bed together side by side in a room. They had passed weeks together in the hospital and in an unsaid way developed a bond or understanding of each other. Sort of they could speak without really speaking. As the days passed, they could see their connection with outer world… Continue reading An Unsaid Hero In Everyone

forgiveness, Soul Awakening, Soul Evolution

Forgiveness As a Bridge to Evolution of Soul – 1

To understand Forgiveness is to understand that cup of tea made with a lot of love , understanding, carefully brewed with every leaf going inside ; nurtured with nourishment, love, care and hope. You can only experience this tea


Trust and Love- What makes the Creation Itself

Look at this way, at every stage of soul journey which eventually translates into different lives and experiences , a soul experiences and creates those experiences of trust and love in different forms. May be it choses a physical relationship of different roles like mother or father who is also a daughter and son who is also a sibling and friend who is also a worker and who is also ones own best friend and also inherently a Soul on its own journey kayaking with others it chooses along . All of these dynamics lead to realisation of these virtues at the Core.


Is Eating Changing the Way You Feel ?

It never stuck me that I really don't require so much food. That food is just an element to create a certain energy and flow in the body. For me, basis the advertisements and everything, having food was a sign of some recreation.

Even the quality or content of home made food was not so conducive but I carried on. I could not handle stress in office so I would divert my attention to food to compensate for the density in office.


How Animals melt us

#animals #life #embracelove #oneness They say animals can bring out a part of you in a completely different way. From someone who used to be absolutely scared of animals aka life esp dogs... As I expanded and melted through my barriers with life, I started energetically communicating with all species. Birds, insects, plants, animals, trees,… Continue reading How Animals melt us