Nidhi Khurana

I am someone who gives more importance to logic and practically than feelings. For me, reaching out to a healer was more of- “I don’t think these things even work.”
But there seemed to be an instant connection with Anushree, even when it was online and not face to face. She was easy going and one of us who used logic to explain me things which made sense.
I had an instant connection with her and found her non-judgmental.

As a healer, coach, she did not give me things in a platter. She facilitated the process and let me find my own light. She is also Passionate about her work and money is never her criteria for helping out someone.

Today I meditate, am so much better health-wise and I try to heal myself or think of what she would have told me in a situation. I owe a lot to her!

Two things she told me stayed with me were- What do you want to do in life? By that I don’t mean making money. Woh sab hota rehta hai. What does your soul want?

When I told her, I want to help others and maybe learn healing she said- The best healing takes place when you can heal yourself.

And that made so much sense!

I have always recommended her to people who I think can benefit from her consciousness.

Hope to connect with her again soon with a session, because she is always busy 😛